¬¬¬Midnight Breakfast: A Way to End The Semester


Every semester, Pace University has midnight breakfast, an event where they provide breakfast foods to help get motivated for studying. It is a fun an event that most students enjoy going to, however, it was not as packed like usual. Compared to last semester and the years before when they had it at Briarcliff Campus, Midnight Breakfast seemed empty. It could be due to finals or how the event was promoted in the first place, but it is really starting to show that the lack of participation is lacking in the Pace community. For example, last weekend’s carnival was a perfect of example of people barely showing up and that might have to do with the atmosphere on campus. When people discuss future events or try to promote them, students always ask if anyone else is going and most of that time it’s a no. It’s sad considering we are a university that promotes unity as a student body, but we are unable to support each other when it comes down to going events.

“Compared to my freshmen year, Pace University campus activity has dropped. During my freshmen year, people were more active, there were more events going on and it felt like I was going to a university. But now, it feels like I’m at a high school campus,” said Senior Applied Psychology Jordan White said.

I have noticed the same thing when my freshmen year. Students had the exact same mindset and student’s barely went to the events. On the other hand, students were more involved during my freshmen and it felt more like a community compared to now. Most students barely go outside and stay in their rooms, yet complain there isn’t much to do at Pace University. In some ways I do agree with them, but if you don’t go out and try to enjoy the activities then you can’t complain.

So after going to Midnight Breakfast and see the lack of participation from the student body, you truly cannot put all the blame on Pace University.


Pace University Celebrate Carnival With Lack Of Participation?


This weekend the programming board had the annual carnival to end off the year before the dreaded finals. The carnival consisted of rides, free food and fun games with prizes. The carnival started at a round 4pm, to cater to the college students waking up late, to 11pm. The event started off with a small group amount of people as more students began to trickle in at around 5pm. Everyone came with their friends and some with their family as they enjoyed this free carnival.

Although the carnival had a decent turnout, the numbers started to slowly trickle down. As it grew later and chillier, students started to leave the carnival. 13147967_10209201072410597_1138581487_oEveryone grabbed their last soda, cotton candy or hot dog and quickly returned to their dorm. With
about two hours left before the carnival ended, the place started to look like a ghost town. There were only the programming team and some faculty to members who remained at the carnival. It was sad to see everyone leave so quickly since a lot of work was put into the carnival. In these moments, the amount of people who turn up at these events can have an impact.

However, you can’t only blame the students. Personally, I
believe if there were more rides or a bigger location than more people would have stayed. The carnival was rather small and only had children’s rides while the food trucks were quickly running out of food.  Compared to the bonfire for homecoming, this was less of a turnout. I completely understand that it is not easy to put a program and bring students to the campus, but these programs are what define campus life at Pace Univeristy. To truly end off a successful semester, we should be having concerts instead of a carnival. So hopefully after all of the construction is finished, there will be a better turn out next year and maybe some more events too.

Lets Go Home

As a college student, people are expected to get the full experience of going to college. This includes dorming, going to parties and just enjoying campus life. However, when it comes down to having fun on the weekends, there are absolutely no one here. It is a bit strange, but kind of unsurprising considering we go to a small school. But it really is a shame to see most students go home on the weekend.

This usually happens in the middle of the semester or towards finals week because people want to spend time at home. Most believe there isn’t really much happening on campus so they return home for the weekend. This kind of loses the whole meaning of dorm life. When you are dorming, you are supposed to have fun adventures while making lifelong friendships (well that’s what universities try to sell), but it would be nice if people actually stayed on campus.

There are so many things being missed out on since a lot of people decided to go home on the weekend and it’s not even once a month. There are some students who decide to go home every weekend. Personally, I don’t have an issue with it but if everyone does it then it becomes a problem.

Programming tries to have as many programs to keep the students entertained and if no one goes, then it is only hurting the students.When we are busy complaining about not having enough events this is the reason why. They try to take the time to set up these events for us, so it really is a shame that no goes.So in order to hopefully gain more programs as well as having a voice on campus, we need to start attending more events .


Graduation Earlier Than Ever



As the semester is coming to close, graduation day is on the heels of many seniors, ending as early as May 13th. Preparing for their special day has been both exciting and a nightmare. However, one thing is different this year. Graduation is two days after to move out day. Compared to other years of having a senior week to end of your college year with a bang, senior week has been cut and seniors are being kicked out immediately. Personally, if this is something I have to look forward to my senior year, I would not be happy and others feel the same.

“It’s unfair that we aren’t getting a senior week. Personally, I thought senior week was under the university itself. I thought they planned the event for us and we plan it together so it is unfortunate to see us not have a senior week. Even us leaving school this early is rather alarming,” Senior Business Major, Mercedez Willams said.

Senior Week is an event to celebrate seniors graduating. This included a winery tour and a Senior BBQ at the townhouses.  Unfortunately, such activities are not happening this semester and it’s sad to see a tradition like this slowly die out. Seniors used to have a full week to prepare and say their goodbyes before graduating, but now they only have three days. This could possibly hinder Pace chance to gain donations when their graduating seniors become Alumni.

By losing senior week, Pace is losing an important tradition that every University has. It is unheard of to see seniors not have a chance to enjoy their finals day as Undergraduate.

Hopefully, senior week will return again next year so this tradition doesn’t die.


Is It All About Location?


After a long day of coming home from an internship, I began to wonder about why I chose a school so far away from the city. An hour commute to the city is already difficult, but when it comes down to paying for it, that is a whole other situation. When students begin to first choose their school a main priority for parents is the location. Having Pace University in a small town provides comfort and security compared to one in the city campus, although it is a safe area.

“A main priority for any parent is to make sure their child is safe at school. We put our children’s into the schools hands and expect top quality security because that is something we are paying for as well,” said Magale Talloude.

On the other hand, by living in upstate New York, there are a lot of disadvantages. Since the shuttle cannot drive students to places other than White Plains and New York City (only on weekdays), students are left to bringing their own car. However if you don’t own a car yourself, then public transportation such as Metro North becomes a priority. There are no subways and barley any buses that can get you back to school, especially for student who want to go out in the city.

“It is nice having the option to enjoy both locations but getting home is a difficulty. I llike to go out into the city and enjoy myself instead of worrying about the last train so I don’t get stranded here,” said Monique Young,

The last train to come back to Pleasantville is at 1:56am and if you miss that train, then you will be stranded in the city till 5:37am. This can be a struggle for students who would like to get the full experience of New York City.

Although this might keep parents at ease, students would still like the option of going anywhere at any time.


Pace University caters to new potential students with Admitted Students Weekend



The time for incoming freshman has begun as this weekend kicked off Pace Bound or what it use to be called Preview Weekend. Pace Bound is an open house for potential students to get a taste of the college campus life at University. This included informationals, touring the campus, checking out the clubs and staying with a host. The purpose of the host is to have the potential student stay in their dorms and get a small dose of the dorm life and answer any questions they may have. One student partook in the event last year where she was able to host a student herself.

“The two girls we took in last year were generally quiet, but were more interested in the farm. Unfortunately, the farm had been moved to the back of the building to make space for the new residential building,” said Senior Education Major, Kristina Castro.

Coming to the campus last year full of construction can shy many students away from attending Pace University, including those two girls.  But now that one new building is finally built, and the second one is almost done, there could possibly be more incoming freshman.

While the students were off attending to their own program, Pace created a parent lounge in bourdaue lounge so they can have time to relax and get a feel of the campus themselves. The potential students will be staying for three days so they can attend a college classroom.

In addition to the programs, Pace has an option to make a Financial aid appointment so students are prepared when they pick this school.

Looking at the events and activities, not much has changed from Preview Weekend. The only thing that changed was the title of the name. I guess by making changes in their program, Pace believes that the retention rate will increase  and hopefully gain more potential students.


Spring Break Equals No Break

Returning back to school after a week-long spring break of taking a week off can be a little depressing. When it comes down to have a week off, why don’t we have a spring break for two weeks? Or at least have it match up with other colleges. One thing I never realized is why our spring break never matched up with my friend’s colleges. When I want to plan a trip or try to hang out, I am always a week behind. Could that possibly be a factor when deciding a school? Probably not, but it is rather interesting to see how spring break are on different weeks and some schools can vary. They can either have a week or two weeks depending on if they are a private or public university.

Pace has one week for spring break but it’s really a week for homework.  When does the true relaxation happen? There is so much to do in so little time. I’m not saying we are the only ones who are in the same situation, but I could vouche for all college student that it would be nice have a two week vacation. This would allow students to hang out with their friend s from other schools or catch up some work. Even if we couldn’t get the two weeks off, it would be nice to at least get the Monday off after Easter.

This will give students a chance to catch up on those Sunday assignments after spending time with family and friends.  However, if we cannot get an extension for a spring break, it would be great to at least have it coincide with each college in order to hang out with friends, but that is just a personal issue.


Is it worth doing the Five Year Program?



The school year is quickly coming to a close and it is that time to figure out the next steps for next year. Some students will be transferring, while others are making a decision to do their five-year program. The five-year program is when students have the option of getting both their bachelor’s and master’s degree within five years. Some majors that have this option are communications, applied psychology and education majors but there are over 30 programs at the university. There are some students who have taken on these challenges of doing the five-year program, but is it worth spending more money at pace university?

The perks of having a both masters and bachelor’s degree is beneficial because it can get you a better job. People would like to hire you due to the extra education. For example, for education major most schools require Master degrees. This shows they are more educated and give them a better chance of being hired at the school. Also by having a masters degrees, teachers have a better chance of getting 10 year allowing them to stay at the school as long as they please. So it is great to have this an option for the education majors since it is slowly becoming a requirement for students.

In addition to doing the five-year program, students will be saving money in the long run. Instead of spending almost another 200k at a grad school for four years, you can spend only 50k (with possible scholarships) and graduate school with your master’s degree. So in a long run, doing a five-year program is definitely worth it because it can help in the long run. You can save money, get a high paying job (hopefully) and complete all in a span of year.

Work Towards Greatness

For the past couple of articles, I have mostly been discussing on how Pace University has an issue with their retention rate. However, I want to do something different for this week. Pace University key to retaining people here is leadership skills and that is one thing Pace exceeds in. There are many leadership opportunities such as club activities, volunteering and planning events. By having these skills, this gives students many chances for glamourizing their resume, a main factor for applying a job.

This is something that Pace excels at and a major attraction for students when applying to the school with a slogan, Work towards greatness, how could anyone not want to come to this school. The students really do work towards greatness as they juggle school work, internships and club activities.

One student who gives it her all, is Kelly Lang, a sophomore education major. Kelly decided to come to Pace University because of its amazing program.

“Coming to Pace was a decision made on my own. I thought it had a great education program and actually, had a community compared to other universities I have visited,” said Lang.

Having this type community around her, Lang has taken up many of the opportunities that Pace has to offer. Lang is the school representative for Education, Volunteer Manager, Lambda Sigma Honor Society and many others. She sees the value of being a part of a community who wants to see her achieve great things.


Photo by Tianna Blount

“I feel like you won’t have a supportive community unless you go out and try to be a part of that community through organizations and activities and I believe that’s where students struggle with. The main reason students might not like Pace is because there are not a lot of events to go to, but I think otherwise. I keep myself busy so that I always have something to do,” Lang said.

When trying to really take advantage of all opportunities, it is important to be a part of a great community and Lang notices this and believes incoming freshmen should do the same.

“Staying involved is the key to having fun and being successful but just make sure to not overload and still have time for academics and most importantly, sleep,” Lang said.

Fire Alarm Awaken Students From Slumber



On Thursday night at 4:30 am, residents of Alumni Hall weren’t woken up by the chirps of birds but actually a fire alarm. The fire alarm, much different from Martin or North Hall, forced students to leave their comfortable bed and go outside in the cold. Without any sunlight to warm up the cold students, the students stood outside for about 45 minutes waiting for the fire department to check the building. The residents of Alumni Hall were not happy with this situation and discussed their annoyance on the anonymous app yik yak.

Many students made jokes about transferring or just complained about the alarm going off in the first place. Some people thought it was a malfunction, while others believed someone actually pulled it on purpose. Either way, the students were not happy.

Fire alarms are no stranger to Pace residents. Fire alarms have malfunctions in both North and Martin Hall due to people straightening their hair or having candles in the room. At times it is good that the fire detectors are sensitive, because there might be a serious issue, but with a malfunction like this, especially in a new building, shows the issues with Alumni Hall.

“After the fire alarm that happened that morning, it really messed up my entire sleeping schedule. After we returned back to our around five, I didn’t wake up until 1 in the afternoon,” Junior Education Major, Kristina Castro said.

Students who had class the next day were exhausted after being woken up at such early times.  There were some who actually slept through the alarms and were late to class.

“I was surprised that I woke up so late. I literally had to run to class so I wouldn’t miss a thing,” Junior Education Major, Christabelle Antoine said.

Thankfully, there was no fire that night and students went back to a fire free dorm where they slept in their warm beds and woke up to prepare for the day. Hopefully, the maintenance people will check the dorm during spring break so this doesn’t happen again.